Professional & Luxury Home Espresso Machines

These luxurious espresso machines are more than just visually spectacular. Enjoy the experience of making excellent coffee on a machine professional baristas envy.

These select few home espresso machines highlight the best of world-renowned brands.

A black, Specht La Marzocco Linea Mini home espresso machine with polished brass and walnut wood accents.

Specht Linea Mini

The iconic La Marzocco Linea Mini, customized with polished brass highlights and dark walnut touch points. This quintessential home espresso machine distils the best of Specht, and of La Marzocco's commercial Linea Classic, into this personal statement piece. We provide remote barista training to enhance your coffee experience. Also available in white.

View the MachineStainless Steel Rocket Appartamento home espresso machine with a white side panel.

Rocket Appartamento

Striking and aptly-named, the Rocket Appartamento is one of the best home espresso machines Italy has to offer. This impressively compact (20kg/44lb) machine will make consistently delicious coffee, wherever you take it. Copper sides and the black, Serie Nera edition offer beautiful alternatives.

View the MachineThe Specht GS3 Monument home espresso machine with brushed brass and walnut wood accents.

Specht Custom Espresso Machines

The ultimate luxury coffee experience is one that is uniquely yours. We reimagine the finest home espresso machines in the world at the direction of our clients. The result is a distinct machine that suits both you and your home.

Discover the PossibilitiesA Slayer Single Group home espresso machine with walnut wood accents.

Single Group by Slayer

Perfect for making coffee on-the-go, the wood-accented Single Group by Slayer is synonymous with innovation. This home espresso machine allows you to steam and pull shots simultaneously, without pressure or temperature inconsistencies that would taint coffee extraction or milk viscosity.

View the Machine A Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima home espresso machine with black side panels and stainless steel front.

Eagle 1 Prima by Victoria Arduino

Victoria Arduino's first single-group home espresso machine. This professional, programmable volumetric espresso machine is versatile and environmentally conscious; a unique insulation mechanism works to ensure energy efficiency. Also available in white and stainless steel.

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